my first flight…

Unplanned trip Penang-KL-Kuching with hubby. A very beautiful night view from above. All went well, just a bit bumpy reaching Kucing. I had fried rice with prawn, cake, orange jus and chocolate for supper. Service was good and friendly MAS crues.

Arrived Kuching around 1200hs and first stop is the Khatulistiwa Cafe – had Mint Tea. So refreshing…

First day with the help of a very nice sarawak lady, Roza…we stroll around the Waterfront, buying souvenir and enjoying the great view. The place is so clean and people around were very friendly. my hubby said a lot of development around since the last time he was here. I fell in love with the one string Sapek sound…

Eating sarawak famous food is a must. I love the taste…another dish i tried, nasi goreng dabai. its just similar to normal nasi goreng, only an extra ingredient included is the preserve olive. it gives a sweet sour taste to the nasi goreng…yummy.


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