Family means togetherness…

A day of joy it is! Always waited for this day. The best excuse to meet and spend time together. Every year there’s always something new to share. I especially like the part where we ‘gossip’ about each other and exchanging stories about life. But the most important thing is for my mum to feel incharge of her own house, get to play the role of motherhood. She misses that alot since all of us scattered all over. She will worry about food whether its enough, or the pillow distributed to everybody or all the small things that at the end will make her worn out.

This year we get to take pictures at our favourite spot – the red staircase. Since my childhood till my children grown up, its the best playground for us. Back in the old days, mother will tell us to be extra carefull playing there. Since I have children of my own, it’s my turn to yell at them to be careful of the staircase.

Although not all of my sibling got together on the first day of raya, it was a full house. Latest addition of the family came and everybody was super excited. For me, it is the first time I meet my two grandchild face to face. Miss my beloved late brother. Seeing his sons, daughter in-laws and his grand children, makes me think If he’ still alive…… Oh, not forgetting another baby grandchild in Putrajaya, a newborn baby girl. Maybe this raya haji we will meet eye to eye.

When you are having fun, the time flies….wish we all can be together longer but a beginning will always have an end. See you guys next year, Insya Allah. Thank you deary hubby for being you, very supportive and considerate.




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