silence duty

first day working in a new environment with new friends. met again old friends and share strories. it seems that all of us got new things to share. me…, same old me. still at the same spot like last year. so sad….

today was a long day, have to stick to the rule just because the “up” person feel scared to be different and dare not risk anything. stuck in here, waiting and waiting meaninglessly. how time flies when you are happy, but that is not the case here. we were “force” to volunteer during this hectic season.

here, the kids have attitute problem. mind you, not all but this tiny colony gave bigger and louder negative impression. how i wish we were given the authority to do what our old mentor able to do to educate these kids.

the voice of fan fuming the cool air makes me feel more drowsy. dreaming and longing for my pillow…zzzzzz. the kids are fighting for their future. do your best dearest kids, for today will channel your life path. hope everything went as your plan and i wish you’ll get what you deserve. this is the minor step for the major part ahead. minor but its the most important step for you to ensure the future you dream of.

how many miles i’ve walked today? walking and get paid! everytime i walked by them, i recalled my previous experience, doing the same thing but with different clients. the determination among them give different meaning cos they are fighting for their future which they have seen in the real world. whereas these kids, they are just following the flow which others set for them without knowing or understanding the importance of it.

i remember my own kids….although they are my own upbringing but differences between them were far apart. my first is self motivate person. he will do what’ best and have a leadership second started as an average person, acting cool and less motivated. but as he grows older, he knows what he wants and worked on it. my third is a spontaneous person, experiencing alot of hardship and failure but he’s positive in accepting it.

well, all of us must do what we have to do. just do it in our own way but always on the right track. so…see you in other posts. off to do the silent duty!



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