trip to kelantan…

08 Feb

Planned this trip since last month with the main reason.. kenduri kahwin. Chinese New Year school holidays, great time to spend time with family. Everyone together except Afiq, the working guy.. huhuhu.
Yesterday, gather with inlaws family and barbeque at Mengkuang Titi. A simple gathering, and I made nasi arab and turkey to roast. Finished around 11 pm and off cause, everyone was deliciously enjoyed the time.


Around 8am, we were packed and off heading to the east coast. Everyone a bit moody because of tiredness. It was a silent journey, the kids and hubby slept through except Amir ( he drove). I was a bit restless, body aching, felt very tired but couldnt sleep. Open widely the window and feels the air smashing gently on my face. So cool and fresh. Eyeing the sky and thingking of all the greatness gift of Allah to me. Alhamdulillah.


We stopped at Banjaran Titiwangsa and had our brunch there, my homecooked nasi arab, Sambal tumis ikan bilis and Ayam masak merah. Sitting at the edge of the hilltop, brunching was heaven. The air was cool and airy. Can never have enough of this scenery. Feels like I’m on top of the world


All the way to Kota Bharu, the traffic was smooth although at certain places, it bit slow but Amir drove patiently. We reached our homestay in Panji and it was drizzling. The place is cozy, easy access to KB, semi furnished and most important, the kids feels comfortable.
Time to take a nap and everyone got their own room. The first one to doze off was my husband. He got a cold since yesterday and Amir was really tired I guess just by looking at his face. Kesian..
After solah Maghrib, Arif took us to a satay stall in Kok Lanas. Met a very nice couple and their only daughter. Got a treat and satay was very delicious. Thanks dear friends

Night still young, so we decided to stop by uptown Wakaf Che Yeh. It was crowded, trying to get a parking lot was hard. Couldn’t get one! My husband wanted to eat Pulut Mangga. Found the place and luckily, it was just about to close but mangga pulut still available!
Reached homestay around 12 midnite and everyone need their rest.

I am a bit tired, sleeping in unfamiliar bed always makes me restless. Luckily I have my OTG wifi… updating my social channels all night. My daughter had the same problem but I made her sleep.. haha. The others slept soundly although my husband do ‘sing’ his lullaby. It shows how tired he was.

9 o’clock, hunt for food! Pasar Siti Khadijah it is… looking for Kuih Akok. Unfortunately, finished. Not many selling this Akok and as told by mek, its a Ramadhan season kuih. So end up eating laksa kelantan. Ordering food done by Arif, speak kelantanese,.. hahaa. I love the gravy and so does my daughters.

Shopped around Pasar Siti Khadijah, mostly window shopping. A friend told me to buy batik at PCB, cheaper. Aishah got herself a cute ring..By noon, we went to the main event of this visit, wedding ceremony. A cozy place, family matters event. A bit feeling of out of place when everyone is chatting in Kelantanese. My husband got to meet his friends there, bosses and collegues. Simple yet exclusive.

I wanted to visit any historical place in KB. At first the girls are reluctant to go but ibu put her say! So we stopped here… Istana Jahar

The girls were posing in every inch of the place. Aishah reads everything and ask me to snap photos so that she wont miss anything. It was an educational visit. And not forgetting, PCB trip, shopped for batik, for me. Grab us some sweet corn stick sold by the roadside to PCB.
Last day, on the way back to penang, we stopped by a hot spring inspired by Allahyarham Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Separating man and woman hot spring pool, a safe and comfortable feeling while dipping myself in the warm water.

While waiting, Arif were teaching Aishah how to eat Etok. Surpisingly, Aishah cant stop eating! Not for me and husband. haaa

It was getting late, we drove off and stopped at Bukit Bunga. it was so hot but people seems to forget the humidity because lots of thing to shop for. We had our lunch there, bought some buah pauh and pants. With the wind blowing hard on the face, sleepy feeling, Amir drove safely home.

Reached around midnite and everyone off to bed smilling.
Thanks dear hubby, a well spent family holiday although we miss Afiq. Next time everyone will be together for another family trip. Simple yet meaningful.

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