It’s me…. 

may be the weather or maybe the age itself, the mood swing keeps changing without any reason or even a small gesture of  unsatisfaction. They say its age factor. The older you get, you tend to be more sensitive to sorroundings. This is happening to me now. I used to be jovial, without care of any statement made. Maybe its time for me to reorganize my daily rutines, my focus in life and my priorities. 
Being with the kids, I still manage to be the ‘old’ cgu Z.  Able to accept any sarcastic statement made. Being with them, though sometimes irritating and frustrated, it makes me feel needed. I wish they will have a bright and successful future.

It’s true, instinct of a women will know when something is not in its place. Sometimes having a sleepless night, heart beats uncontrolablely, feeling.

I must take charge of myself, be happy or remain down. There are more in life to look forward to. So, be positive, throw all the negative aura away. Yes…. I can control my own feelings and desires, InsyaAllah


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