unplan trip… again

decide today.. must make her wish comes true. A komuter trip to Kedah with Aishah. Took the first komuter without hesitate.Bought 3 Return tickets to Padang Besar.It seems like this new transportation become popular because of its frequent schedule, cheap, non conjested way to many destination.

A very refreshing journey to Kedah…. paddy fields, kampung houses, serene scenery. I always love Kedah. Sitting next to strangers, giving me a time on my own world. Aishah got seated at the other end of the coach while Arif standing by the door, sleeping. A gang of collegues ( they wore the same tshirt) having a lifely conversation while others were obsurd in their smartfon (like.me.. hahaha). When you are alone, with a good story to write, time flies. @940 i am in my favourite town, Alor Setar. Arif got his seat now and comfortably sleeping…

Arriving Arau, Aishah and ibu get to sit together. Arif really had his good sleep over the other side

arrive pdg besar 1022am

pdg br 225 arrived tg 4pm


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