the Day…

Packing is and never will be my favourite thing. Being stalling this since two week ago… haishh. So, this morning force myself to get it done. Start of being loud to others, giving them instruction on what to bring along for this 3 day trip. Even my husband start buzing himself this morning!

Two important event to settle this holiday, first my husband got promoted and transfered to Putrajaya and Amir’s convocation day. The plan was to start off at 10 am. But now its already 12 noon, we are still in Seberang Jaya… aduilaaa. Everyone is famish and Aishah couldnt wait anymore, so she ate all her food in the car. 

By 130 pm, we reach RnR Gunung Semanggol. Had our lunch at Ramly Burger. I always liked its Croissant Set, nyummy!

Reaching Sri Iskandar at 4 pm ….heavy rain today and its cooler than usual. On the radio, Tuhan jagakan dia song :

“tuhan, jagakan dia.                           dia kekasihku.                                           kan tetap milikku.                                   aku sungguh mencintai,                         sungguh menyayangi                    setulus hati ku..” 😘😘:'(

Performed our prayer at Pusat Islam UiTM SI. A cozy place with all the fasilities in good shape. The rain stopped and you can see graduates posing all around in their robe. Terkenang di masa lalu… haha. During my time Diploma graduates grads without any robe. Lucky them.. huhhhu

Hunt for hotel…. aduilaaa again. I have expected this but these sweet gents of mine thought that no many will be around for the convo. Macam nak kata, I told you so! Haishh… Relax first and had our early dinner at 8Sisto Cafe. Secind time I ate here. Menu varies from fried rice, western food, and thai food. I like the art in this cafe, simple yet refreshing. In the alley walls, fabulous street art featuring Perak in mind.

Alhamdulillah, a vacant in dHotel! Booked and off we continue our journey to Dengkil. 

Tired with aching back, cramped legs ( old lady ), we decided to have snack at RnR Ulu Bernam. Husband and Amir ate my homecooked  nasi arab. Me…. end up eating mee curry, which is my favourite dish. Resting and solat here. It was a full house, with several group of tourist around. The workers never stopped cleaning the tables. They did their job well. Set out the Waze, making sure we will not got lost finding Dengkil.My husband got more confidence with Amir around. My sister and Arif start messaging to find out our whereabouts. Cant tell the exact time because it depands on how fast and easy we can find the place.

1210 midnight arrived … end of today. Night all. 🌜🌛🌜


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