the Day 2….

Sleepless night… kept thinking the days without him, again.. Wake up at 5 am and start repacking organizing things in his room. The kids were sound asleep, although we slept on thin mattreses. Sharp at 7 am, we were off to husband’s new office in Putrajaya. A strategic place because its 10 to 15 minutes to his workplace.

Now, just me and the kids scouting for breakfast. Not familiar with the place, the first cafe we saw McD. So we end up there…

Bonding time between sisters while their ibu blogging this journey. The weather was good, windy and cool. Hoping it wont rain. Checked my application for transfer, “Maaf Permohonan Anda Tidak Diluluskan”. Sad news, really hoping to get transfered to nearer school, but Allah knows best.

Next stop, Masjid Tunku Mizan aka Masjid Besi. Solat sunat and photography session with the kids. 
Husband called, saying he will be off at noon. Google interesting places near by and found out about Taman Saujana Hijau. Always liked greenary and fresh air. Hoping to see flowers but there was only trees all around. Some shots in Amir’s convo robe… 

Husband called. It seems that he got 3 day leave. Without delay, we set off to my sister’s house in TTDI to fetch Arif. Lunch was prepared, masak asam pedas, I like… Aishah manage to go to the playground just opposite of my sister’s house. Chat with my mother, promising her to stay in Penang next month. It brought smile to her face…. Alhamdulillah.

At 4 o’clock, me start off to Sri Iskandar to avoid any conjested road due to after office hour. Amir drove and the rest of the kids, slept like a log. Most of the way, heavy rain pouring blurring the view. The car aircon got more cooler in the rain and the sleepyheads slept soundly. Me, as usual verbally distracted Amir from dozing off while driving. Hoping the rain will stop and able to see the full moon tonight. Friends from Penang were asking about the full moon tonight. It seems that the rain block all view from this fantastic phenomena. We checkin to dHotel and into the shower… best, refreshed! When the rain stopped, this showed up…

Had dinner with the view in open air with love ones… best feeling ever

Okay, done for today. Got to get my sleeping beauty. Early rise tomorrow for the grand event. Nite all viewers


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