the Day!

Got a good night sleep, enough rest after sleepless night yesterday. Woke up at 530am, getting ready for todays bigday. Breakfast with husband in Tanjung Cafe dHotel. Variesties of dishes from nasi lemak, cakes,salad, fruits, bread n butter to soup. The kids came a bit later for they were enjoying their sleep more. The girls stayed in their room and later they went to the swimming pool. Only Aishah went into the pool, tercapai hasrat hatinya

Around 8am husband and I were sitting in Dewan Sri Iskandar patiently waiting for the event to start. Gamelan muzic on the air. The flow of the event went smoothly. Manage to capture a few photos of Amir on and off the main stage.

By 11am everything was a wrap. All around splashes of selfie wefie of this memorable day. Saw some familiar faces, Amir’s housemates. Talked to some of the parents, exchanging stories and progress of our children. Arif, Nasuha and Aishah came from the hotel. Luckily they just came because the weather was so hot. Sweat all over. Pusat Islam, the coolest place.

End of d Day… everyone tired but all went well, no complain. Drove to Ipoh, Railway Station, cause Arif going back to KL. He will start work next week. Now two of my love ones will be “orang KL”. Take care my dearest.

Photos session at the railway station while waiting for the ETS to arrive. I have always admire these colonial building.. it looks grand and strong structure.

After Arif left, we strolled the Plan B alley. Interesting on how old buildings made commercial value to attract tourist.

Lapar…. ate Mee Udang ay Medan Selera Dato Sagor, opposite to Masjid Ipoh. The kids love to hear the pakcik talked in Perak dialect. I too miss the sound of this dialect.

After solat, we start off to Penang. Tired and sleepy, the car was quite. Amir driving while ibu editing photos in my handphone. All the way, it was raining. Cars started to filled up the road, slowed up our journey.

Reached Sg. Dua, we stopped for dinner at Nasi Arab. Delicious lamb.. haha. 10 o’clock reached home. Home sweet home and 💤💤💤💤

Thank my dearest family for the time spent. It was a fun and bonding time. Congratulation my son Amir. Always be the perseverance guy.


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