Rebranding oneself…

Get up, get up and positive vibes come sorround me! New bosses, new colleague, new friends, new job scope and new ‘customer’. May all new hopes brings out the best in me and old loops be smoother to run through this year. Hahh… only I will understand these words.

Along the way, there will be invisible hands guiding me to my destination. Half a decade of this life makes me wonder, what have I achieved so far? The feeling of lacking in ‘something’ still lurking now and then. What am I to be proud of? Career wise… I’m just an ordinary teacher or maybe too ordinary? Collegues always say, I’m the asset of the school, my presence is needed, my skills are sought for. But I still feel I’m just an ordinary person. Maybe, my willingness to help others whenever needed is the thrait they meant…urmmm

At this age, the only meaningful moments are being appreciated by family. Feel my existen and not taken for granted in anything. A small qualitative moments just for me is what I need. Making me the most special person, all ears and eyes for me, nothing else. Walking by the beach, which I truely love. Picnic by the sea, playing childish games. Just a 30 minutes moment is all I want. Is all I want….is all I want…


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