First test…

Today I is the day to give out the result of the first test. They have been waiting for it since before the school holidays. The first thing they asked, how many failures teacher?

A simple and short lecture for them before getting their papers. What ever marks you’ll get later, dont feel discourage. I’m sure all of you have done the best but if you think you are not doing enough, its a lessen to ponder. 

So, exam paper was passed to the owner. Faces of relieve, disapointment and expresionless start lurking in the class. Asking them to do correction was easy because everyone was eager to know the correct way. 

Teacher, please find for me another one mark. I want A! 

Teacher, why is this wrong?

Teacher, I cant understand the question.

Teacher, I do careless mistakes… frust

Teacher, teacher….

Time’s up…. everyone started to leave the class. Two girls came and asked me how many failures in the class besides the two of them. I was looking into their eyes and they started to utter something. With watery eyes, they applogize for not performing well in the exam. They kept repeating words of regrets. They promised to do better in next exam. 

Amazed, for I have longed to see this act of reflection on oneself. I can see how they have high hopes of making others happy and proud. To me, these girls will and can do better. I can only encourage and offer my free time in school. They are welcome to study with me after school. Looking at their sincere faces, reminds me of my own daughter. May the teardrops are worthy and a signage to perseverance. InsyaAllah, usaha berterusan, sabar dan doa kepadaNya.


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