Its Sunday and its the last sunday before Ramadhan Ahlan Wasahlan. Best fasting month this year because half of it will be during school holidays. Moga amal ibadahku dalam bulan Ramadhan kali ini berterusan di amalkan sepanjang hayat yang bersisa ini. Istiqomah…

Today’s routine, send off Nasuha for her tuition class, finish off my question paper and house chores. Its a sunny day, hopefully till the end of the day. I have tonns of laundry to settle today, so please hold on dear rain. Writing this in my bedroom while waiting for the kids to wake up. The washing mashine is doing its spinning now, second round already. Me, wanting to get to other chores but… aduiii, laziness preventing! Google lah…

In DHAS now, waiting in the car for her to finish her tuition class. Lucky I brought my lappy, get to do my school work ( working in sauna… too long to on the car aircon). Lots of people around. It seems like there’s bola baling match going on. Boys all over…Back home with intention to cook for lunch. But in my Noxxa, still left overs Nasi Arab. Feeling hungry, ate my nasi with Sambal Hijau Ikan Bilis and Daging Dendeng Dapor Dinda from Ana Salwa, an entrepreneur aka my classmate since primary school. Sedap beb… definitely repeat order Ana!

    Rained and I am sleepy but thinking of school work not done… play with the cats dulu lah… haahaduii. Ignoring me ehh… haishhh

    Then I’m pen off lah. Stop making, creating excuses. Do your work NOW!!!


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